US delegation to visit Solomon Islands on China pact concern

Remember when Abbott was declared the “Pivot of the Pacific” he turned out to be a Europhile and ignored the title and got rid of Radio Australia. Meanwhile, Morrison and Dutton began to really prod China and he and Dutton have rapidly become the twin “Pillocks of the Pacific”. They lost our biggest trading partner and the respect of the now American government who have rushed in to form AUKUS and are setting up an embassy in the Solomon Islands because dumb and dumber were making such a mess of things. Biden couldn’t even remember Morrison’s name.

The LNP had cut Foreign Aid, They turned Aid into a quid pro quo transactional and commercial arrangement while Dutton publicly mocked the Pacific region’s concerns about Climate Change. As a result, the Americans have sent in the cavalry. However, not only because of Australia’s neglect in the Pacific but their neglect at home. They are about to occupy Australian sovereign territory itself, and guess what we are leasing and paying for the privilege of allowing them to storm in and make us a new global target. Do the math  90% of Australians live in just 5 cities and the American bases we are about to pay for aren’t going to be in any wilderness. America has left the Philipines and are about to relocate here and we will pay.

In February, the United States announced it would open an embassy in the Solomon Islands, part of an effort by the Biden administration to commit more diplomatic and security resources to the Indo-Pacific to counter China’s drive for greater influence. The Solomon Islands said in March that it was creating a partnership with China to tackle security threats and ensure a safe environment for investment in what would be a major inroad for Beijing in a region that US allies Australia and New Zealand have for decades seen as their “backyard”.

Source: US delegation to visit Solomon Islands on China pact concern

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