White and might is right: the secrets which push us into other people’s wars – Michael West Media

War powers

How often do we see on the news “500 people are hiding in X theater” only to see it bombed by the enemy. Or, “we are going to Syria to bomb the mother fuckers”. Governments may hold some secrets but they sure as hell more often than not telegraph their punches for domestic currency to the enemy. It makes you wonder whose side their on.

Currently, Peter Dutton is sending promised “armored vehicles” to Ukraine. In reality reality “Peter Dutton doesn’t know how to get promised armored vehicles to Ukraine.”  The government announced it was sending 70k tons of coal to Ukraine. It might get there sometime next year if they can find a ship. However, Poland exports coal and is Ukraine’s neighbor and could get it tomorrow. Dumb is what Morrison is but always the ad man selling pet rocks, or cans of fresh air and advertising “fake news”

For decades, minor parties in Australia have introduced bills seeking to give parliament greater control over military deployments. In the debates and inquiries that have followed, a wide range of objections have been raised. We are told that, as military deployments are often made on the basis of confidential information, this information cannot be publicly disclosed to the parliament. Another common objection is that parliamentary decision-making would reduce the flexibility and speed needed to carry out military operations safely and effectively. Most of the opposition to war powers reform, received as part of Michael West Media’s ongoing survey of politicians, follows similar lines. You can see myriad responses here. However, some experts think there might be another reason — one that Australian pollies may be uncomfortable acknowledging.

Source: White and might is right: the secrets which push us into other people’s wars – Michael West Media

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