Australia’s neo-Nazi threat — Revealed: Amongst Us

Their appeal began to grow with the LNP’s encouragement of White Nationalism. Morrison has always favored racist and ethnicist politics since the Cronulla riots. He saw the effects of hate, xenophobic and jingoistic promotion by Alan Jones on 2GB had, and later with the associated Murdoch recruiters like Andrew Bolt and others on Skye News After Dark had encouraging white Australians to neo-Nazi responses and attitudes. Adnrew Bolt wrote and said he wished Australian Christian youth showed the same comittment as the Barcelona terrorists. They have given voice and platforms to homegrown White Nationalists and voices imported from overseas. Voices barred from other democracies because they were known to promote violence. .

As neo-Nazism continues to be a growing problem in Australia, it’s important to be aware of the dangers it presents. Digital editor Dan Jensen checks out a new documentary taking us inside the world of right-wing extremism.

Source: Australia’s neo-Nazi threat — Revealed: Amongst Us