Savage assessment of Morrison a bolt of lightning for election campaign

Liberal senator unleashes on the PM

What has come into relief with Fierravanti-Wells’s  ferocious tirade on Scott Morrison is why so much effort was made in the past 2 weeks to have Anthony Albanese look like a heartless, uncaring bully and thug in the case of Kimberly Kitching even though she made no formal complaint. The debate about Kitching was orchestrated along with the accusations about the “mean girls” as a PR smokescreen for what Morrison knew was laying ahead. Because Fierravanti- Welles’s thoughts and accusations let loose about Morrison were no secret within the Liberal Party machinery and were going to be unstoppable pre-election. It demonstrates just how Trumplike and American the Australian Liberal Party from Abbott to Morrison has become. The Liberal Party dirt brigade has been working overtime.

They like the Republicans claim they are the only Party defending our true religion and faith and Morrison isn’t shy claiming he is the spiritual head of the new politically Christian Liberal Party. His decisions are based on protecting faith and culture and his decisions far superior to any facts put forward by divisive godless experts and scientists. Unfortunately he represents minority interests who claim they are the true defenders of all Australians. This began with John Howard who cosied up with the Exclusive Bretheren and other religious cults

The savage assessment of Scott Morrison by one of his nominal allies is like a bolt of lightning into the debate about whether the Prime Minister deserves another term in power.It electrifies the election campaign when Morrison is trying to make the contest about his leadership and the personality of his opponent, Anthony Albanese.

Source: Savage assessment of Morrison a bolt of lightning for election campaign

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