Human-Driven Climate Crisis: East Antarctica Ice Shelf collapses for First Time in Human History

Man-made climate change denialists can’t say that this event is purely “natural” and will begin to reverse. Meanwhile, Peter Dutton will continue to joke about the Pacific islands and water lapping at their doorsteps. Andrew Bolt might even return to Roy Spencer and argue that the planet is actually cooling or at least not warming at the rate “97% of Global Climate scientists say”.

There was a time we believed man-made events occurring on the other side of the planet never really affected us. Until we came face to face with WW2 but that now seems wasn’t a lesson learned. Pandemics haven’t done the job let alone the relationship between fossil fuels and climate change. While the rest of the world is convinced not Russia Australia or India are. However, we are sure as hell waking up to it today and have learned the consequences of the LNP ignoring it for over two decades.

Andrew Bolt even argues if the EU hadn’t been as active in transitioning to renewables Putin wouldn’t have “had to” invade Ukraine. His logic, if the EU hadn’t tried to act like irrresponsible globalists, “for the planet”, and remained dependant on Putin’s oil and gas he wouldn’t have been “forced” to invade Ukraine for its resources. Ergo the EU started the war says Bolt.

The Associated Press reports that the Conger/Glenzer ice shelf in East Antarctica has collapsed. The event was caught on satellite video, and it is the first such collapse known to have occurred on the east coast of Antarctica, which had been thought to be more stable and less affected by human-caused global heating than the west. The ice shelf was holding back two glaciers, Conger and Glenzer, named for American naval personnel who helped survey the area in the late 1940s. The glaciers collapsed along with the ice shelf.

Source: Human-Driven Climate Crisis: East Antarctica Ice Shelf collapses for First Time in Human History

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