Western embargoes of Russian gas offer a real shot at a post-carbon future | Salon.com

A view of Gazproms Amur Gas Processing Plant (Yuri Smityuk\TASS via Getty Images)

Anti Climate Change Activist Murdoch is a heavy investor in Oil and its export . No surprise he employs the likes of Tucker Carlson a pro-Russian anchor echoed globally by clones like Andrew Bolt Chris Kenny etal in Australia who claim climate change advocates are the real warmongers and fossil fuel exporters the peacemakers. Andrew Bolt has been sucking off the News Corp teat his whole career.

In this long game, ironically, the EU, Japan, and the US are in the same camp as Putin’s current fellow travelers, China and India. All these countries are major oil importers who benefit from the cheaper prices that come from rapid deployment of clean energy in place of fossil fuels. Hence, if it is done well, a fiercely-fought oil and gas war could help Ukraine beat Putin and reunite the world community ā€” leaving on the outside Russia, a rogue economy smaller than Italy’s and the Persian Gulf, and help substantially to save the climate along the way.

Source: Western embargoes of Russian gas offer a real shot at a post-carbon future | Salon.com

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