Voter sentiment will shift pre-poll: PM – Michael West Media

Let’s not forget 2013 post-GFC Australia was voted the “World’s Best Economy” and Wayne Swan “The World’s Best Treasurer” all under a Gillard/ALP Government. They saved us from the onslaught of the GFC recession the rest of the world suffered.  Even before Covid-19  the LNP had doubled our National Debt and they have more than tripled it since, plunging our economic standing in comparison with the rest of the world. The spring back they call a “recovery” after a bungee jump dive is now being touted by Frydenberg as the best on the planet. These assholes sure know how to strategise, blatantly spin and lie to the Australian people. Morrison has  expanded that department.

Wages have shrunk, fallen 3.5% while Corporate wealth has risen and grown 13.5%. More Australians are in multiple jobs and have suffered wage-theft and Super theft amounting to billions of dollars while Morrison’s has done nothing but reward corporations with tax cuts, JobKeeper when they were already making profit through Covid not a loss. Taxpayer money they don’t have to pay back which also ran into the billions.

Morrison’s Bullshit Compared with the Facts

Speaking on Sky News on Monday night, he said the next three to ten years would be tough as Australia recovers from the damage inflicted by the coronavirus. “It’s going to be a tough next 10 years, next three years and you need a government to keep (the economy) in strong shape,” he said.

“What’s important is you take the fiscal settings back to an after-pandemic normal, and that’s what we’re looking to do.”

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has drawn level with Mr Morrison as preferred prime minister in the latest Newspoll, while Labor is still ahead of the coalition on a two-party preferred basis at 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

While the government is behind in the polls, Mr Morrison said he wasn’t concerned, adding voters would soon move from “sentiment to real choices”. “When it comes to these things, Australians will focus on these things, and the federal election is always close,” he said.

Source: Voter sentiment will shift pre-poll: PM – Michael West Media

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