Today Ben Fordham interviewed Morrison. Fordham asked for confirmation of Bridget McKenzie’s figure of 5,000 ADF on stand-by. He then said he heard that only 455 personnel were on the ground in Northern NSW and asked where the rest were.

Morrison replied “ah well, no the figures are higher than that Ben”. He added that 2,000 were on stand-by on the ground in both NSW and south east QLD.

After further probing, it turns out the 2,000 were ‘deployable’ by the States,

As usual, Morrison hand-balled the problem to the Army – he said “what we’ve done is we’ve put Brigadier General Galloway in as head of a task force for deploying ADF Support staff.

He even gave it another of his customary ‘feel-good handles’ – Operation Flood Assist! Really? Bit of a misnomer if you ask us! We would have thought the flood needs no help at all – but our communities do! Once again, Morrison just does not get it. Nor does he care.

To clarify matters, we checked the Defence Department media centre (as of this morning) for the truth. Here are some facts that Morrison and McKenzie should have known:

Total personnel deployed on task in QLD: 1378

Total deployed on task in NSW: 512 (pretty damned close to Ben Fordham’s 455 & proving the PM wrong again)

The Defence Dept also have a day-by-day list of tasks planned for both States. This sort of detail seems beyond our Federal Ministers and definitely beyond the miserable ramblings of the NSW Premier Perrottet this morning.

All in all, Fordham’s interview was far from revealing on anything important, full of Morrison bullshiza and illustrated quite clearly after all these days, that our northern citizens can not rely on anything practical or sensible from either Government. Once again, it is our emergency services and volunteers who will shoulder the burden alongside their community brothers and sisters.

We can only hope that our emergency services are enhanced and adequately equipped and supported in the future. Lord knows we will need them – and we wont have to wait 100 years!


The Auspol Bulletin

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