Doubts raised about Dutton’s proposed submarine plan

Peter Dutton publicly questioned the mental health of a former Australian Border Force commissioner.

Dutton can’t deploy the ADF efficiently to Aged-Care or the Flood Disaster but he can Plan for War? Should we believe this man who promises to “Keep us Safe” while he and Morrison want to make the east coast of Australia a target for a nuclear attack? The LNP proposal of  a $10bn Nuclear Sub base on the east coast of Australia is to house and man rented American Nuclear subs because we,sure as hell won’t have even one until 2040. Guess given the current floods on our East Coast there’s plenty of  parking space for them.

How many times in 9 years can you change plans for “our defense” and have any defense? All this energy and money already spent has gone to waste. All for the sake of the L-NP’s domestic political posturing and not a cent spent the people. This is exactly what Putin has been doing to Russians,  We are being treated like mushrooms. It’s Morrison’s favorite presser is to say ” I can’t awnser that. It’s National Security matter”

Procuring the submarines, which have greater speed and range, is part of a trilateral AUKUS alliance with the United Kingdom and United States to contain a growing Chinese regional presence. No plan provided

Source: Doubts raised about Dutton’s proposed submarine plan

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