Steggall takes hatchet job, but will the chickens come home to roost for major parties? – Michael West Media

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Murdoch media alone has been the LN-P’s  biggest propagandist with never a hint of that being an undeclared donation. Maybe it’s “not free” but part of an undeclared quid pro quo arrangement. Where there was 2.5 years of quo and now the quids are really beginning to flow for Murdoch as his business model predicted. In vast amounts of dollars out from the L-NP.

Spooked by independents, Liberals are happy to turn the spotlight turn on their opponents on political donations. But when it comes to taking dirty money, they only need to examine their own house. Stephanie Tran reports.

Why should we care?

An election will be called in the next 90 days so there’s no doubt that political donations are ramping up now.

Clive Palmer has already pledged to beat his own record $80 million spend in the upcoming election, having blitzed Labor at the 2019 poll.

While corporate donors will now be paying their political dues in droves, we won’t know the identities of the largest political payers until February 2023 due to the once-a-year donation disclosure regime.

Despite calls for real time donation disclosures and a reduction of the disclosure threshold, Australians are continuously kept in the dark about who is bankrolling the political parties.

And with distractions such as Zali Steggall’s failure to disclose the Kinghorn family donation dwarfing media coverage of the large systemic abuses by the major parties, don’t expect reform any time soon.

Source: Steggall takes hatchet job, but will the chickens come home to roost for major parties? – Michael West Media

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