Grace Tame hits out at media for ‘unnecessary shaming stunt’

If the context were slightly different, and had the photo been slightly different it would have been  called out as male apes  hooting and “slut shaming”. The schoolyard thugs “getting even” with the girls they simply can’t abide by because they don’t know their place in their male dominated culture. They applied the same to Julia Gillard sniggering at her “looks” and the clothes she wore. Yes, the media are exactly what they claim not to be, genderist, and biased. Murdoch once created the “page 3 girl”. Yes, he stopped but didn’t really change the misogynist culture. But, then propaganda is really his business and all the Mainstream are afterall doing it for Scotty.

Grace Tame has written an open letter calling out the media for publishing an old photograph of her with a bong which she labelled an “unnecessary shaming stunt”. “To every media outlet who sought to discredit me by publishing THAT photo,” the former Australian of the Year began the lengthy sequence of posts on Twitter. “Although my humour and strength remain intact, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t let me down.” Ms Tame said her status as a prominent campaigner for victims of sexual assault should have made media outlets think twice before publishing the snapshot. “Not just as an individual, but more so as an advocate of the survivor community,” she continued.

Source: Grace Tame hits out at media for ‘unnecessary shaming stunt’

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