CNN erases West Bank and Gaza Strip | The Electronic Intifada

Map excluding West Bank and Gaza Strip

America’s MSM view of the Middle East, in this case CNN leaves Palestinian Gaza and the West Bank out of its picture of the Middle East as if the territories illegally occupied by Israel are legal. While the Golan Heights are shown here as Syrian territory CNN fails to mention Israel’s illegal occupation of it as well. Their’s is a totallt fake view of the region. Meanwhile, the Jewish Diaspora, the majority of Jews living outside of Israel, are fast becoming Anti- The Israel State. Israel may once have has claims to self defence but that fake claim was lost years ago when it became the primo aggressor and occupier in the region.

No such correction has been forthcoming from CNN or GPS, which raises the prospect that CNN’s cartographers do not recognize the reality of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. Until corrected, the map seemingly portrays just one uninterrupted Israeli apartheid state. This is, of course, the political reality – one that makes more likely the struggle for equal rights in one state rather than Palestinian statehood in disconnected West Bank and Gaza bantustans.

Source: CNN erases West Bank and Gaza Strip | The Electronic Intifada

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