A Tale Of Two Leaders But Whatever You Do Don’t Say It’s A Race! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Scott Morrison is never photographed just doing his job. Because he does nothing. Abbott was. He was photographed in his budgie smugglers, on his bike, and in his volunteer fire gear because that’s what he did. He wasn’t caught posing like Morrison constantly is. Morrison thinks watching very expensive paint dry is the way to Aussie hearts. Like Lara Bingle he will too.

I don’t see Gladys standing for a number of reasons: How do the Liberals counter the obvious? She had to stand down as premier because ICAC were investigating her for misconduct and conflicts of interest, but we don’t worry about such things in Canberra. Then there’s also the: So this why she resigned her seat and didn’t merely stand down as Premier; she was planning this all along. She’s just turned her back on the people of NSW in their hour of need. The whole Morrison strategy is to talk her up and then say that she won’t stand because an unelected body like ICAC has stood in her way, and isn’t it good that we haven’t rushed into having a federal integrity body! There’s a distinct possibility that she’d be in Opposition, which might mean that she could become the Opposition leader but it’s hardly the sort of gig that one would willingly take on when you could just try for a much better paying job lobbying for Wagga. Even if the Liberals won the next election, she’d have to go to Canberra and listen to Scott Morrison’s speeches in the party room.

Source: A Tale Of Two Leaders But Whatever You Do Don’t Say It’s A Race! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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