(Some of) the lies from Scott Morrison since he became Prime Minister – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Morrison is a total Trumper and also believes that the medium and ratings deliver the message. The media can turn lies into pure gold as long as it’s privatized and not independently funded by public money. That guarantees his message will be heard over and above any coming up from a disgruntled less funded citizenry. That is simply the process and fundamental rule of Autocratic Capture. Capture the culture and the systems under which we now operate, finessing, and control them is LNP politics today. It’s a lesson taught by Mussolini who gave it the name Fascism and the Reactionary Evolution here but Revolution in the US we are witnessing to form a  Corporate State.

While Trump isn’t really a conservative but a grifter. He saw the GOP as a perfect vehicle by which to take over the Republican Party in America. Today it’s legitimising the process of Autocratically Capturing all the grassroots systems and institutions of voting in America and it’s become the model Morrison’s LNP is also following. Media , Education, Integrity, Grants, Political Funding, Voter ID, Labor and the ABC etc are all slowly being eroded reimagined with no focus on electorate needs only the LNPs. Murdoch Media is currentley promoting Hungary, Turkey and Russia as the “Liberal Democracies” to follow simply because they have elections.

Yes, Scott Morrison simply has a plan, a leaflet he doesn’t want any independent bodies like the ABC, or ICAC vetting him he wants privatised media photographing and praising him. Outsource Public Service and make it all private contract, the organ-grinder’s monkeys with KMPG and Delloites the Treasury. It’s the dream as they already work entirly for his kind of people, those who can pay.

A person could grow very weary trying to keep up with Scott Morrison’s lies. Below is a section of his falsehoods, which by no means is an exhaustive list and some of them you no doubt know, while others may be new to you. Either way, there are many more out there.

Source: (Some of) the lies from Scott Morrison since he became Prime Minister – » The Australian Independent Media Network