Scott Morrison renews crackdown on social media users – » The Australian Independent Media Network

For the second time this year, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, bereft of the will and the capacity to announce anything useful, has again declared he will go after “anonymous trolls” on social media. His cunning plan requires forcing tech giants who own the platforms to either identify the “trolls” so they can be pursued for defamation, or pay defamation costs themselves. The proposal also requires social media users to provide proof of identity before being allowed to use the platforms. You can’t sue anonymous. This proposal is unlikely to be legislated and equally unlikely to be useful in the event it becomes law, except for the privileged few who can afford to pursue legal remedies.

LIBERAL MPs : While Parliamentary Privilege protects politicians’ anonymity protects individuals but Morrison wants that protection removed. Politician, regarded by many as trolls like Peter Dutton wants the freedom to say what he wants whenever he wants and the taxpayers to pay the legal costs to defend and sue whoever he chooses. While the individual citizens should bear their own costs. This seems to be the autocratic capture of free speech and the justice system in Australia. When compounded by Morrison’s want to also diminish class action suits by individuals against corporations it’s hardly democratization o the law but quite a reactionary desire.

Source: Scott Morrison renews crackdown on social media users – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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