Old Dog Thought- They say you get who you vote for? “Who says that if the system is manipulated? Morrison’s rapid changing BS isn’t the truth. It’s merely the dust storm and leftover dust. The ABC a brush that helps to reveal what lays beneath. The LNP want it canceled.

WHO DO YOU TRUST- The Liar who cried ” No Cuts to the ABC”? Who stood shoulder to shoulder with Abbott and then said ” That was no cut but an “Efficiency Review”? 8 years of Efficiency Reviews have knobbled our ABC’s budget to that of 1984 and sacked 1000 people. Meanwhile, the Nation has grown more than 50% from 16M to 25M. Yes the LNP has locked down a virus-free ABC for 8 years and let the Murdoch media disease thrive run subsidized and free. Watch out for LNP & Clive Palmer $$ that feed Murdoch, the Americanisation of Australia, and Cancel Democracy.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 16/11/21; WHO DO YOU TRUST!!

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