Tim Smith and the death of political accountability

Tim Smith will be judged in the eyes of the Law, in the eyes of his Insurance Company. In the eyes of parents whose children walk our streets. However, he doesn’t want to be accountable to his political party or any piss-weak LNP idiot politician not prepared to back him. Frydenberg, Tudge, Sukkar are some examples of who is. Those who claim this is all just a personal decision and it’s up to Tim to decide not the Party. Tim Smith is calling for money donors to join his Fight Club of which the first rule is not to talk about fight club but to talk about “poor Tim” who had a stationary car and kid’s bedroom attack him.

If there ever was a sign that the personal responsibility of the political class had evaporated, then the sorry show of Victoria Liberal Tim Smith provided it.


Mr Smith spent Saturday night calling supporters to tell them of his decision and apologise again for what he had done.

“It has been an honour to have served the people of Kew as their Liberal MP and the Liberal Party,” he said. “I thank everyone who has supported me in good times and bad. I have let many people down and I apologise again for causing this mess.”

Mr Smith will serve the remaining year of the current parliamentary term on the backbench. Nominations for Liberal

Is he waiting to be returned as Caesar? All we can say is that nothing surprises when it comes to Tim Smith.

Party preselection in Kew close on November 12.

Source: Tim Smith and the death of political accountability

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