Republicans Call Decency “Woke” Because They’re Indecent

“Woke” is Republican-speak. Murdoch Media-speak. Conservative political speak

“Woke” is versatile Conservative catch-all epithet: A form of abuse thrown at us who cry change

And the bigots and the hate-preachers and the supremacists are right to be afraid of us because we in our “wokeness” are going to make sure that they do not have the final word here. To Republicans, to be woke is to be deeply human, and that humanity will remain the foe they cannot defeat.

It’s woke to want fair elections.
It’s woke to be anti-racist.
It’s woke to be anti-fascist.
It’s woke to trust Science.
It’s woke to wear a mask in a pandemic.
It’s woke to be the parent of a bullied child.
It’s woke to want to be addressed with the gender you identify with.
It’s woke to want a less-polluted community.

Source: Republicans Call Decency “Woke” Because They’re Indecent