Dutton Asserts China Is Now the Enemy, Not Islamic Terrorism

Dutton on China

But while the propaganda machine assaults us with nightmarish ideas about the looming threat of Beijing – aiming to inspire the same fear it did in regard to Islamic terrorists – it doesn’t have to worry too much about gaining popular support, as the public has no say in war decision-making. In this country, the National Security of Committee of Cabinet makes the decision on whether our nation goes into battle – that’s unless, as Bolt is concerned, China pre-empts a war with the US by turning its guns on us. The National Security Committee is currently made up of Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, Marise Payne, Peter Dutton, Simon Birmingham, Karen Andrews, Michaelia Cash, and quiet probably as of this week, Barnaby Joyce. From here, it’s just a waiting game to see if the war remains cold, as it did with Russia, or it heats up like our successful ventures into the Middle East.

Source: Dutton Asserts China Is Now the Enemy, Not Islamic Terrorism