Asia must follow Japan in fighting against Chinese regional aggression

Australia's U.S. alliance is leading us down a path of war against China

This argument began well after Abbott was deemed the “Pivot of the Pacific” by America and really did absolutely nothing focusing on Russia and the EU. So what came first? When all is said and done Trump did and China responded. prior to Trump, the world greeted China in a much more positive light. Australia was an easy target given it saw itself as a  predominantly White Western Christian country under Morrison. Now everyone is turning to Japan to do the job Morrison couldn’t do.

In order to safeguard regional economies and security infrastructure, it is essential for governments to take a firm stance against China much like what Japan, Australia, India and the U.S. have done. As Chinese aggression threatens to undermine democratic markets, it is imperative that Asian nations follow Japan’s footsteps and take action before it is too late.

Source: Asia must follow Japan in fighting against Chinese regional aggression