News Corp executives explain Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull criticisms to staff

The Australian's Michelle Gunn, Sky News' Paul Whittaker and The Daily Telegraph's Ben English appeared on a panel at an internal meeting.

The ABC’s charter is to be a critical and questioning voice of government no matter the persuasion. In that capacity it’s never really just a supporting voice of government which Murdoch media tends to be. So to say you won’t find a conservative voice at the ABC is in fact acknowledging the service it is intended to do on behalf of the Australian public. Governments of all persuasions don’t court Murdoch Media because it’s clearly known that it’s far from stable ground. On some occasions Murdoch media courts the left and is made use of in politics but this century those occasions have been rare indeed. (ODT)

“We run news programming during the day and at night we run opinion-based news programming that often shines a light on areas that our competitors either refuse to discuss or worse pretend don’t exist,” Mr Whittaker said. “I would argue that Sky has a much greater diversity of voices than the public broadcaster, for example, where you would struggle to find a conservative news point. “This is our brand value proposition that separates us from the dominance of voices on the left of Australian media.”

News Corp executives explain Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull criticisms to staff

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