Trump is defeated. Trumpism is more alive than ever |

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I hate to say this but Rupert Murdoch said this was America’s biggest problem and something had to be done about it well before Trump even entered the race for the Presidency. I’m about to say Trump didn’t invent Trumpism but Rupert Murdoch did and chose Trump to politicize it. Trump did but that’s as far as he got. He delivered little more than a shit load of promises and was boosted by Murdoch. It’s why Murdoch believes it’s JOE TIME (ODT)

The only liberal antidote to Trumpism is actually doing something material to aid those who’ve fallen for it — giving them something in their lives to noticeably improve their social welfare, redistributing wealth downwards. Franklin Roosevelt absorbed this lesson, as evidenced by the New Deal Coalition; it is unclear if a Biden administration is capable of doing the same. Indeed, if Biden’s administration doesn’t do anything to materially improve the lives of millions of working voters, Trumpism is apt to get stronger, not weaker, in the next four years.

Trump is defeated. Trumpism is more alive than ever |

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