Trump’s Favorite Channel, OAN, Lies About Buffalo Protester

One America News, a far-right cable channel that rounds up internet conspiracy theories for its viewers, has spent the past week trying to smear Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old Catholic peace activist who was assaulted by Buffalo police officers at a protest against police brutality, and remains hospitalized with a brain injury.

The channel’s obsessive focus on Gugino is part of a wider effort to tarnish protests against racism and police violence that OAN has pursued for years. In 2016, one of its hosts denounced the Black Lives Matter movement as “a farce.” On Monday, a black college football star, Chuba Hubbard, described his coach’s decision to wear an OAN T-shirt as “unacceptable” and “completely insensitive to everything going on in society.”

Although OAN’s reporting on Gugino has been filled with glaring factual errors, misleading characterizations and innuendo scraped from the lower depths of the internet, its smears have been amplified on Twitter by President Donald Trump.

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