ABC and SBS fail in their reporting on Bolivia coup

The notion that Australia’s SBS and ABC are politically “Left” is wildly incorrect.

A far-Right military coup in Bolivia forced a sitting socialist President, Evo Morales, to resign and escape the country, yet they hardly reported on this fact. Instead, they devoted much favourable coverage to Right-wing demonstrators and security forces.

Need I mention the anti-coup mostly indigenous and poor demonstrators were not covered, and more than this were blamed for the violence?

via ABC and SBS fail in their reporting on Bolivia coup

One thought on “ABC and SBS fail in their reporting on Bolivia coup”

  1. It frustrates me to no end that “the truth” has turned into such a difficult creature to catch. I love Bolivia and wish its people all the best. The anger that has spilled onto the streets and turned so violent has really been festering for years, decades, maybe even centuries. I don’t do the prayer thing, but I’m keeping all my fingers crossed for them…


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