Trump Regime’s Hardball with China a Losing Strategy

Trump Regime's Hardball with China a Losing Strategy. 63781.jpeg

China is a major player on the world stage, geopolitical know-nothing Trump outclassed, outshined, and outwitted by its ruling authorities.

He’s an embarrassment compared to other major world leaders, a laughing stock geopolitical wrecking ball.

His regime’s unacceptable Indo/Pacific agenda made resolving major differences with China all the harder – notably US dirty hands all over months of disruptive protests in Hong Kong, along with selling F-16 warplanes and other heavy weapons to Taiwan.

A Final Comment

Former White House council of economic advisers chairman under Obama Jason Furman believes “Trump’s China strategy is failing.”

“His tougher approach has yielded no meaningful Chinese concessions but is increasingly damaging the US economy,” adding:

He “needs to change (his) strategy radically.” Based on the current trend, it seems unlikely.

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