‘I am Imran’ | The Saturday Paper

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Imran Mohammed just graduated from high school jailed by the LNP for 5 years in Australia a country that stole opportunity from many people for little more than political self -interest rather than National Interest and pride, Australia’s shame. (ODT)

I thought I’d lost all hope when the Australian government forcibly moved me to Manus Island on October 29, 2013. For so long, my life was controlled. It was not mine. I was not allowed to live the way I wanted. I saw what I didn’t want to see, I ate what I didn’t want to eat. I wore clothes that I didn’t want to wear. I heard what I didn’t want to hear. I slept when I didn’t want to sleep. I was treated in a way I didn’t want to be treated and I lived where I didn’t want to live.

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