GetUp! and Bank Australia: The Advance Australia hatchet job in The Australian

a dreadful piece of misleading Right-wing propaganda that it requires a response.

It portrays an arrangement between the mutual Bank Australia and the campaigning organisation GetUp!, where a contribution is made by the bank to GetUp! when members of that campaigning organisation become members of the bank, as a shabby and deceitful deal. It is as though GetUp! was a money-grabbing capitalist with poor ethics and Bank Australia a fly-by-night dodgy shadow bank, to read the account in The Australian.

Bank Australia is not a ‘little-known bank’. It is the former Members and Education Credit Union. It has 130,000 customers. It is a mutual. It is owned by its members, who are its customers. It has not just been crucified by the banking Royal Commission, unlike the Big Four. It is one of those Australian mutuals which have a commitment to ethical banking.

GetUp! is not particularly “Left-wing”, it just isn’t Right-wing, so it doesn’t support the current government.

Trying to link this arrangement to the report of the Banking Royal Commission, which was for so long resisted by the LNP of Gerard Benedet and the Liberal Party nationally, is contemptible. Laughable and contemptible.

Thanks to The Australian, though, for sharing the valuable information that people can contribute to Australia’s leading campaigning organisation by banking with this ethical mutual bank.

It seems they don’t approve of the fact.

Never mind.

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