How Australia strayed from a fair go to record inequality

Business and Banking call for CALMNESS. Workers beg for FAIRNESS (ODT)

Union members will stand together, whether it’s against a bullying local manager, or an entire wages system that profits only the very few, but there’s one issue that always receives unanimous and overwhelming support from the people I meet – that everyone needs to pay their fair share of tax.

Australia’s unionists may not all know the complexities of how tax avoidance operates, and they may not be across the ins and outs of each tax-minimising loophole and rort, but the reluctance of Australia’s rich to make taxation contributions that are in any way proportional to their wealth is as well known as it is enraging. When I explain to meetings of our members that there are 62 Australians who each earned $1 million last year and paid not one cent in tax – not even the Medicare levy – it is pitchfork time.

How Australia strayed from a fair go to record inequality