Business heavy-hitters warn against panic over Hayne

Call for calmness never existed when Abbott’s Border Force had to protect us from the Invasion of Asylum Seekers, No calmness required when he sent us to war against Islam. The Royal Commission into Trade Unions was no calm decision Fear and panic are the tools of conservatives on attack Calmness is a sign of trouble.(ODT)

Business leaders have warned it would be impossible to removal all risk from the banking sector and trying to do so would hurt the economy, as the Federal Government is set to release the findings and its response to the final report of the Hayne banking royal commission.

Calling for calm ahead of Monday’s release, former Reserve Bank Board members and financial regulators have also cautioned all sides of politics from turning the final report into a point scoring exercise and to be sensible in their response or risk the economic consequences.

Business, heavy-hitters warn against panic over Hayne