Political lies before the eyes of God

In the U.S. election, Republican Donald Trump took lying to an unprecedented level. Obamacare, the Mexican wall, the war on coal, the environment and many more. And he’s still doing it at an alarming rate.

The same fascination for untruth by conservatives in America has been exported to Australia.

Think about this.

Do you shape the truth for the sake of good impression? On the other hand, do you tell the truth even if it may tear down the view people may have of you? Alternatively, do you simply use the contrivance of omission and create another lie?

I can only conclude that there might often be pain in truth, but there is no harm in it.

So, I have no hesitation, when identifying political liars, of placing the Prime Minister with other serial liars such as Greg Hunt, who continuously lied by omission when Environment Minister. Peter Dutton, who has recently mislead parliament and has lied about conditions on Nauru and Manus. Josh Frydenberg when Energy Minister and Malcolm Turnbull with reference to the South Australian blackouts.

More recently, we have Stuart Robert telling all sorts of lies to explain his $2,000 per month internet bill.

And, of course, the greatest liar to have ever walked the sacred halls of Government House, Tony Abbott.

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