Cybercrime a $2 trillion threat for business

If only concern was given to threats faced by the Individual citizen from both business and the business of cyber crime.We speak of  market “freedoms” with little emphasis of “safety” other than “Buyer Beware” were not about to “teach” you the traps witch are increasing daily with data farming. Crime, Punishment are after all a class apart. (ODT)

Unfortunately, with around 3.5 billion internet users globally and well over 10 billion devices in use, cyber security will remain a major headache confronting business and government globally for years to come. For example, over the past year, the size of the global cybercrime economy has grown to more than $2 trillion annually, making it the world’s 13th largest economy by revenue, according to the Into the Web of Profit (Understanding the Growth of the Cybercrime Economy) study recently released by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

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