Sharri Markson’s Barnaby Joyce ‘scoop’: Giving credit where credit is due

Markson is the first News Corp journalist to take out the $25,000 prize established in 2011 to commemorate the late Sydney crime reporter, Les Kennedy.

BUT : Follow the Bouncing Dates

THE NATIONAL POLITICAL EDITOR of The Daily Telegraph, Sharri Markson, last night at the Kennedy Awards won the 2018 Sir Keith Murdoch Award for Journalist of the Year for breaking the story on the sordid Barnaby Joyce/Vikki Campion affair and pregnancy, published in her paper on 7 February 2018. She also took home the Outstanding Political Journalism award and shared the Scoop of the Year award.

The problem is that she did not break the story of Barnaby Joyce’s affair or pregnancy. Credit for revealing the affair goes to Serkan Ozturk, the editor of True Crime News on 24 October 2017. News of Joyce’s staffer’s pregnancy was broken three weeks later in Independent Australia, in a story by Sydney bureau chief Ross Jones on 19 November 2017.

Joyce stood in a by-election in the seat of New England held on 2 December 2017. Dates are important. It is alleged – and it certainly seems – that the embedded mainstream media held off on the story until the seat, critical to the Government’s hold on the lower house of Federal Parliament, had been secured by Joyce.

Sharri Markson’s Barnaby Joyce ‘scoop’: Giving credit where credit is due