‘Fake News’ is Everywhere — 20+ Times Government & Media Got Caught Brainwashing Us


According to Israeli born Professor Edward Said, “no country and no lobby” has been as effective at spreading media propaganda and “misinformation” in the United States better than the government of Israel.[67] Naturally, as the field of media and journalism have branched out into the internet, so too has their capabilities to manipulate public opinion.

Back in 2009, the Israeli government announced plans to employ citizens in the dissemination of online propaganda.[68] In 2012, the Electronic Intifada broke a similar story about leaked documents claiming that Israeli students were offered an alluring $2,000 a month, to work from home for just several hours a week of online propaganda. And in 2013, the government setup a University scholarship program for students willing to peddle their agenda.

Alon Liel, former director-general of the Israeli foreign ministry went on record expressing his outrage, by calling it “quite disgusting… University students should be educated to think freely. When you buy the mind of a student, he becomes a puppet of the Israeli government grant… You can give a grant to do social work or teach but not to do propaganda on controversial issues for the government.”[69]

via ‘Fake News’ is Everywhere — 20+ Times Government & Media Got Caught Brainwashing Us

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