Telstra and Optus’ week from hell was years in the making

Andy Penn announced plans to slash 8000 jobs on Wednesday. He was castigated by unions, admonished by politicians and shunned by investors as shares in the company he runs, Telstra, sank to within a whisker of record lows.

It’s hard to think it could have been much worse. Yet it’s debatable whether Penn even had the most difficult week in his industry.
Illustration: Joe Benke

Illustration: Joe Benke

Consider how the past few days have panned out for his counterpart at Optus, Allen Lew.

Optus was forced into a humiliating surrender of its World Cup streaming coverage, a key pillar of Lew’s overarching strategy. After failing to resolve ongoing technical problems with its broadcast, the No.2 carrier relinquished exclusivity over the prestigious tournament, at least for the group stages, to SBS.

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