What if Murdoch is still Foxing with Disney?

Much of the analysis of the Fox-Disney deal has focused on the Murdoch succession, with Rupert (left) favouring Lachlan.

a more Machiavellian explanation: clearing the path for the 100 per cent takeover of Britain’s Sky, given that the major sticking point has been the Murdochs’ character and fitness.

“So could this ‘Mickey Mouse’ merger simply be a feint in order to ease the Sky bid approval process?” Mangan says.

“Once the Sky bid is approved might some problem appear derailing the likely 18-month process that is the ‘Mickey + Homer’ show? Sure, it will cost him. The break fee Rupe (actually his shareholders), will owe Mickey Mouse is $US1.5bn. But if it secures him 100 per cent of Sky, that price might just be worth paying.

via What if Murdoch is still Foxing with Disney?