Victorians scared to go to restaurants at night because of street gang violence: Peter Dutton

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

“Peter Dutton has blasted the Victorian Labor government over African street crime, claiming residents of Australia’s second-largest city were scared to go out to restaurants at night.” The Age


Dutton is a perfect example of why we ought to be ashamed of our government. Democracy is diminished when Australia’s media play to and deliver this degree of misinformation by a leading Cabinet MP. Dutton an ex cop  from Qld is basically calling Victorian  police the Premier’s marionettes. In fact he’s calling all of Victoria’s educated experts on crime liars.

Dutton should refer to their Royal Commission on Youth Justice and the Australian ABS before opening their mouths and delivering BS and false facts. Potato Head Dutton ex Sargent it seems is ignorant about his own states crime stats when discussing Melbourne. It is shameful and represents the quality of the man who was once a cop and is now in charge of Homeland Security. He didn’t know what was going on during b\”Boomgate” and seems to know even less now.

From ABS the Australian Beareau of  Statistics shows Victoria’s criminal offenders decreased by 3,442 less than Qld’s Mr Dutton going down in numbers. While Dutton’s LNP cut funding to the state by $75 mill.


  • Victoria was the only state or territory in which the number of offenders decreased between 2014–15 and 2015–16, with a decrease of 3,163 offenders (or 4%).
  • Over the same period the number of offenders increased in:
      • New South Wales (by 3,905 offenders or 3%)
      • South Australia (by 2,254 offenders or 5%)
      • Western Australia (by 1,322 or 3%)
      • Northern Territory (by 279 offenders or 2%)
      • Queensland (by 245 offenders or 0.2%)
      • Australian Capital Territory (by 125 offenders or 5%)
      • Tasmania (by 49 offenders or 0.5%)

Victorians scared to go to restaurants at night because of street gang violence: Peter Dutton