Tony Abbott, Iraq and the Anzac myth: The Anzacs sailed arrived and fought Abbot’s SAS are waiting waiting and even he has stopped sabre rattling out of embarassment.

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PM Tony Abbott is using the centenary of WWI and the spirit of Anzac’ as a cynical propaganda exercise to build support for our latest foreign military adventure, writes

Young Australian men, their heads full of British, Australian and Empire propaganda rushed to the colours, much as young men are swallowing Islamic State propaganda and mistakenly rushing to the black flag. That is the fatal mix for young people — propaganda, emotion, a quest for adventure, dissatisfaction with current circumstances and off they go to meet the demands of cynical power brokers, who rarely fight.

Of the Australians who went overseas 150 in every 1,000 contracted venereal disease . The French averaged 83 cases per 1,000 and the Germans 110. The Australian rate was amongst the highest. Perhaps Abbott can weave that into one of his speeches?

WWI gives the lie to Christianity as a civilising influence.

For those at the front forced to endure days of high explosive shell fire ‒ to the point that they cried with terror, went temporarily or permanently mad, defecated and urinated involuntarily and then crawled out of trenches to face machine gun fire of between 500-700 rounds per minute ‒ it could be said that they were in Dante’s Inferno. Christianity failed to prevent the Armageddon of WWI and some might argue that it contributed to its onset.

The story of war, particularly the First World War should be told as it was and not as part of a propaganda exercise to get the Australian public to accept, yet again, the deployment of Australian forces to war on the sole discretion and authority of a prime minister who has not had the courage to send Australians overseas to fight Ebola in case they return with the disease and threaten his comfort zone.

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