Andrew Bolt is a racist with a missionary mindset who believes in manners before dollars. How F*****g paternal & curmudgeon

Andrew Bolt plays the man and not the ball

Bolt who whines at the drop of a hat and has done so for years  about his misguided treatment and ‘guilty finding ‘ under the RDA  section 18C  has the spite to question the wisdom of  The Cape York Welfare Trial that was put together under the leadership of Noel Pearson? Bolt who has media access 24/7 and has made our ears and eyeballs bleed with his hard luck story raises Noel Pearson’s manners as his confirmation of doubt about the project. What an unpolished turd is.

Because The Cape York Welfare Trail has been such a success Bolt can’t criticize it directly but he does it by innuendo slur.

“Noel Pearson’s name – and political contacts – save a program I am assured does good, but comes at an astonishing cost:”

$100 million is incredible, given the four towns between them have fewer than 3500 people, according to census figures.

Does Bolt mention the trial was over a 4 year period and equates to approx $7000 per head? Bolts blog is full of “I hear” and “I heard” all second-hand crap cobbled together to deliver his sucker punch:

The story presented a troubling portrait of a charismatic bully who has extracted millions of dollars of funding for indigenous programs from governments and corporations, via persuasion or browbeating. The portrait of Pearson’s older brother, Gerhardt, was also troubling. 

What’s “troubling” Bolt? The lack of kowtowing?

What Bolt can’t say “don’t give them the money ” because  that’s too obvious  the program is a success and even has the support of people he sucks up to. However because the Pearson brothers don’t reflect the manners of grateful blacks is Bolt’s issue. That Noel can hold a grudge against white professionals and journalists somehow lessens his qualifications to be in charge of a $100 mill scheme.  Tony ” you fucking lesbian bitch” Abbott is our PM and I agree he doesn’t deserve to run this country given his last 8 mths in government but not because of his potty mouth alone.

Pearson has the strong support and admiration of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and The Australian newspaper, so he may well do far more good than I am aware of, having met him only once (and cordially).

“But this account, from Paul Sheehan, only confirms my doubts:

Brave is the mother who reveals nothing ,what doubt’s?

Like the Racist missionaries before him Bolt the lizard just slithers and slurs just for the sake slithering and slurring rather than congratulating the success of a community welfare program started in 2008. Oh! under Labour is that  your problem Bolt?

The prick has been whingeing for five years about how unfairly he’s been treated. He has access to the media so we know how damaged he is . However he  has no empathy for people who have experienced the meaning of unfairness know, the meaning of misrepresentation, live the meaning of struggle  and continue to be demeaned by dumb fucks like Bolt . A few fucks and cunts used by men with the right to use them get’s the message across. Good on you Noel! I see Bolt made no attempt at journalism .

Your demand for manners is insulting as it is racist Andrew Bolt in a most underhanded and sleazy way, as is your confirmation of unspecified “doubts”  you sanctimonious pillock. Your mate Abbott’s rise to PM is riddled with expletives & abuse you prick.