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It seems to me that to run this argument is to suggest an equivalency exists between the left and the right when there isn’t one.

Trump’s Insurrection Stole the Strategies of Black Lives Matter

Donald Trump never gave a direct order to hang Mike Pence. In fact, Trump didn’t even come up with the specific idea of hanging, but when the insurrectionist mob he sent to the Capitol developed this idea on their own, he was only to happy to roll with it. As Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said during the first night of hearings, Trump responded to the chants of “hang Mike Pence” by saying the rioters “had the right idea” and that Pence “deserves it.”

Source: The Smirking Chimp | News And Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

End Poverty? Reduce Inequality? What Republicans Must Do First : Why does this sound so familiar here in Australia Mr Abbott?

Joe Conason

The latest fad among would-be Republican presidential contenders is to proclaim their deep commitment to fighting poverty and inequality—which sounds as plausible as a promise by McDonald’s to abolish greasy food.

Just stop.

1) Stop smooching the behind of every predatory billionaire who shows up with an open checkbook and a loud opinion, from the Koch brothers and Paul Singer to Jerry Jones and Sheldon Adelson. In Australia Rupert,Gina,IPA, AHA,

2) Stop pretending that the best way to reduce inequality—or poverty—is to lavish more trillions of tax breaks on those very same billionaires, as the infamously plutocratic Ryan budget would. Do they really think every blustering donor at the very top of the income scale needs another million dollars? Stop defending capital gains loopholes, offshore accounts and all the other scams that rig the game for the likes of Romney. In Australia capital gains, negative gearing super benefis corporate subsidies etc

3) Stop snatching bread from the mouths of small children and their mothers, with gratuitous cuts to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance and WIC programs, as if that would appreciably reduce the federal deficit—or be worth the moral cost even if it did. The Ryan budget proposes to reduce food stamps by 20 percent or more, which would mean either terminating benefits for millions or reducing benefits below their already meager level. (It would be interesting to see how the Wisconsin Republican and bodybuilder got by on $1.40 per meal.) In Australia the broad range of cuts to and policing of welfare and pensions

4) Stop ripping up unemployment checks for families whose lack of remunerative work Republicans have blamed on Barack Obama. Unemployment insurance kept at least 2.5 million Americans, including hundreds of thousands of kids, above the poverty line in recent years. If joblessness truly isn’t the workers’ fault, why decimate them and their children? In Australia 700,000 unemployed, 160,000 jobs.

5) Stop rejecting Medicaid, the literal lifeline for poor Americans who have no other health coverage. And stop “repealing” the Affordable Care Act, whose actual repeal would cruelly end coverage for tens of millions of Americans—and in some cases, end their lives. In Australia attempting cuts to the health system and Medicare

6) Stop undermining Medicare and Social Security, the two most successful anti-poverty programs in the nation’s history, which have vastly reduced the impoverishment and early mortality of elderly Americans. And stop telling voters that the endless attempts to cut, privatize, block grant, and otherwise diminish those programs is how you intend to “save” them.  In Australia Privatise Health

7) Stop legislating cutbacks in Pell Grants, federal student loans, and other assistance to young people from modest backgrounds—whose educational advancement lifts them toward greater financial security and independence. Anyone who honestly cares about reducing inequality supports aid for higher education. In Australia $100,00 degrees

8) And please stop mouthing so much meaningless, self-flattering rhetoric on this vital issue—as Romney did when he assured the Republican National Committee that “Republican principles” will “break the cycle of poverty.” In Australia, LNP will support the indigenous and close 150 communities, support women and domestic violence by cutting services etc etc

Sorry, but that hasn’t been true under any Republican administration for the past hundred years. Instead of blustering, Republicans should consider the unpleasant but undeniable fact that unemployment and poverty have increased every time a president of their party occupied the White House.

Abbott and Hockey have simply stolen the Republican script

Then, by all means, they should get back us to with those “conservative” plans to end poverty. Someone might even believe it.