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Trump’s Upside-Down View On Election 2020 | Crooks and Liars

Trump's Upside-Down View On Election 2020
The world’s greatest idiot

A beaten, battered, and depressed Donald Trump who has been hiding from public view after his humiliating loss to Joe Biden… now tweets (yeah) that his administration gave America the most secure election security of all time.Twitter has taken to a red font to deny Trump’s claims.

Trump’s Upside-Down View On Election 2020 | Crooks and Liars

‘No way to run a government’: Abbott slams Turnbull’s revised energy plan

Abbott hasn’t changed. Since when is flexibility and the ability to change according to the circumstances not in the  National Interest? Since when is blind winning at all costs not the tyrannical mind of a rabid self absorbed zealot, a sociopath? Wars don’t end with annhilation but compromise. Not with destruction but elected solutions in which Abbott hasn’t any interest, thats obvious. Winning at all cost is a game not a service to others. Politics isn’t a game it’s a duty of service and Abbott seems to have lost that. I suspect he never had it. He’d rather take the country over a cliff than give an inch.Australia seems to be his personal Jones Town, Waco Texas and the Liberal Party cult central that needs a hiding to hell from Abbott. He’s back to being a climate denier not because he believes it’s a solution to a greater problem but it’s the only imagined KO punch he has for turnbull Turnbull,stuff the country. Let’s ride to hell in a hand basket. The man a sociopath a crazed pittbull.  ASPD diagnosis is only given when symptoms happen for an extended period and don’t change because of punishment or lifestyle changes. Someone who’s selfish may show these behaviors for a short while, but feel bad about them or change their behavior over time or because of punishment. ” Abbott’s never changed.(ODT)

“Let Labor be the people who rabbit on about emissions and renewable power and saving the planet,” he said.

“I say no, no, no. Let’s create a real contest, not a false consensus. Let’s fight the Labor Party on this – it’s the only way to win the election,” Mr Abbott said.

‘No way to run a government’: Abbott slams Turnbull’s revised energy plan