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James McGrath’s crusade against the ABC – » The Australian Independent Media Network

How simple is simple. How easy to read between the lines. The UK’s BBC  holds up, with pride, their “misinformation department” the department Senator McGrath would label dangerous, biased and unnecessary because Murdoch and paid to comment media are sufficient. A “Misinformation Dept” in a public broadcaster would make him so transparent he’d simply disappear.

With a leader like ScaMo running the ship, the LNP’s biggest fear is the ABC installing “a misinformation department” before the next election and turning the lights on his efforts to diminish our democracy. The pillars of which are the universal franchisement of all citizens, their right to vote being interfered with by racing through new Voter ID laws to supress not free up voting. Their unexpressed dream to get rid of compulsory voting and the ABC the public’s auditor. McGrath and the LNP prefer to tear down the Aussie Democratic house rather than lose. However accepting loss is the linch pin the foundation of a Democracy. It’s the agreement made before  and on why we even have and elections.

When Queensland Senator James McGrath gave his first speech in parliament, he made his intentions very clear – this culture warrior was on a mission to destroy the ABC. “While the ABC continues to represent only inner-city leftist views, and funded by our taxes, it is in danger of losing its social licence to operate. I am calling for a review of the ABC’s charter. And if they fail to make inroads to restore balance, then the ABC should be sold and replaced by a regional and rural broadcasting service. In the meantime, Triple J, because of its demographic dominance and clear ability to stand on its own, should be immediately sold.”

“These are the people that are supposed to be the high-calibre Liberals. If this is the high-calibre Liberals I’d hate to go to a Liberal party branch in Queensland and see the low-lifes in operation.” (Doug Cameron)

Source: James McGrath’s crusade against the ABC – » The Australian Independent Media Network