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Our politicians have become an unaccountable ruling class

Our Government has enacted so much legislation and specific committees to ensure they are never blamed for any wrongdoing. It’s not wrong if previous corruption is now legal. If an “Opposition” doesn’t provide headlines, how will media give punters a heads up as to how our nation’s taxpayers are being taken for a ride?

Think about it, below are just three examples that do not pass the pub test.

Cushy jobs with big business dealing with Government

Mutual obligation only goes one way

Sorry, I’ll ‘fess up and fix that paperwork

There are many more examples of rules for us and none for them. Worse, we are not even being informed as to how unaccountable and above the law these people in Government are. Kenneth Hayne is spot on saying trust in politics has “been destroyed”, worse, most of us are not even aware of just how secretive and unaccountable our Federal Government is.

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