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Fighting Putin with Putinism

The tragic irony is that these measures mirror the authoritarian steps taken both during and before this war by Putin, who is quite rightly viewed in the West as a dangerous autocrat contemptuous of basic freedoms. Long before this war, Putin had the very kind of tech censorship regime that Western politicians and commentators demand more and more for their own societies, where the government pressures tech companies or circumvents them to remove or discourage online speech it doesn’t like. Since it began, the Russian government has passed a variety of laws against what it calls “false information” about the war and disseminating “fake” details about its forces’ actions. It’s banned, blocked, and shut down independent news outlets that contradict official talking points, banned Instagram, and barred access to foreign media outlets for their “deliberate and systematic circulation of materials containing false information.” And of course, it has paid TikTok influencers to spread its preferred narrative about the invasion.

Source: Fighting Putin with Putinism