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The pros and cons of an Australian president

While so many nations since the French Revolution have declared themselves Republics it seems strange that Australia needs to be cautioned. Yes, Australia is unique in as much as has it denied the existence of the Indigenous first peoples here as the owners of this land. They had no rights until just over 30 years ago. The colony denied them citizenship as did the Federation. It ignored any need for treaties or recognition like other colonies had. It’s a country that’s Constitution hasn’t even a Bill of Human Rights. Given it’s a nation so uniquely lacking what other nations take for granted why need we be so careful that consequences must be “considered before moving forward as a Republic?

While much has been discussed about electing an Australian president, more consideration is required before moving forward as a republic, writes Professor John Quiggin.

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ASIC, the AEC, James Ashby’s One Nation aircraft and other drop bears

All this is well and good but why isn’t there mention of the fact that Tony Abbott pulled ASICS teeth and cut $120 mill off their budget and cost 200 jobs? ASIC’s under performance is now being used by the banks and it’s conservative supporters. (ODT)

Former Treasurer Wayne Swan did a lot of good things for the Australian economy, including having the nous to prime the pump when the GFC – brought on (arguably) by the very securitisation process Medcraft had pioneered – threatened to derail the lot of us. Swan and former Prime Minister Rudd saved us from a recession — no doubt about it.

But Swan could also, on occasion, be as far-sighted as a fruit bat. And putting Medcraft in charge of ASIC in 2011 was about as batty as the night sky above Gotham City. I am struggling for a fox/henhouse metaphor here — maybe the bat and the mango tree? You get the point.

Medcraft presided over a bloated, generously-funded ASIC, only too happy to pretend to be the “tough cop on the beat” when, in truth, it was no more than a limp toady, smitten by the big swinging dicks at the banks.

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