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‘Grotesquely unfair’: billionaire donor Huang hits back

Sam Dastyari's mishandling of his relationship with Huang Xiangmo ultimately cost him his job as a senator.

Australia is fast becoming The Kingdom of the Pacific show and the performance very Abbottesque (ODT)

In a lengthy online rebuttal, Mr Huang has verged on accusing the Australian government of racism and authoritarianism.

Billionaire Chinese political donor Huang Xiangmo says the millions of dollars he’s given to both Liberal and Labor was solicited by the major political parties, and he insists the government’s cancellation of his Australian residency was “grotesquely unfair”.

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald revealed this week his residency had been cancelled and his citizenship application refused because of ASIO’s fear he was peddling Beijing’s influence.


“It is profoundly disappointing to be treated in such a grotesquely unfair manner,” he said.

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