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COP27: Oxfam Sizes Up a Single Billionaire’s Investment Emissions

The British East India Company pillaged nations for profit and scarred the known world at the time leaving them to recover rather than progress today. Corporations haven’t changed they are still doing the same today and will continue unless forced to stop.

“The superrich need to be taxed and regulated away from polluting investments that are destroying the planet,” Dabi said, also urging governments to put in place “ambitious regulations and policies that compel corporations to be more accountable and transparent in reporting and radically reducing their emissions.”

Source: COP27: Oxfam Sizes Up a Single Billionaire’s Investment Emissions

The Bailout is Working—for the Rich – Mother Jones

If you’re looking for investors’ verdict on who has won the bailout, consider these returns: Shares of Apollo Group, the giant private equity firm, have soared 80% from their lows. The stock of Blackstone, another private equity behemoth, has risen 50%.

The reason: Asset holders like Apollo and Blackstone—disproportionately the wealthiest and most influential—have been insured by the world’s most powerful central bank. This largess is boundless and without conditions. “Even if a second wave of outbreaks were to occur,” JPMorgan economists wrote in a celebratory note on Friday, “the Fed has explicitly indicated that there is no dollar limit and no danger of running out of ammunition.”

The Bailout is Working—for the Rich – Mother Jones