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“We Are The Moral Right Wing Press” You Were Totally Out Played..Bolt Suck It Up

Bolt Report 24/8/14: Andrew Bolt & Piers Ackerman sang “the Moral Way is the Murdoch Way” on Sunday……… Halalujia


The power to conceal or reveal sensitive personal information turns out to be just like the power of the bully in the school playground. The bully need only batter one or two children for the fact of his power to be established: fear will then ensure that the others do all they can to placate him.”

Whether in response to the prelude to an attack or to prevent the threat of future attack, Shorten has opted to attempt to short-circuit the issue by coming out, unexpectedly, and on his own terms, to discuss it. But it’s a high-risk play in that it elevates what until now has amounted to social media abuse into a mainstream media issue that can be openly discussed. Bolt is certainly pissed his media team didn’t get to it first don’t for a moment think he wouldn’t have used it accompanied with the word ‘alleged’. Instead he was running down the media straight last yelling ‘I’m Galahad of the press’ Shorten had ‘Bolted’ and has made it the subject of public debate.

But it also undermines the threat from Murdoch on the issue: his papers can still run a smear campaign against Shorten, but he has got on the front foot and ensured it can’t be used to blackmail him. A direct attack designed to destroy Shorten, who has proved unexpectedly competitive against a government that has spent a year stumbling from error to error, may not have been the only thing playing on Labor minds. One of the key elements of Rupert Murdoch’s success, according to The Guardian’s Nick Davies, is his ability to blackmail key figures based on the threat that they will be punished via personal attack in his newspapers. As Davies wrote in July: