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Team Australia vs Team to be selected. Losers R the Ashes


A handful of  Australians have been charged and imprisoned on planning terrorist acts. Some very few are Muslim. Our government says 150 suspected young Muslims  are  overseas whereabouts unknown and are now security suspects. Tony Abbott has seen fit to ask representatives of 500,000  Australians declared moderate Muslims to join his Team Australia. The head of ASIO has even called for their applications to the security organisation. Abbott  has asked these Australians to speak up  to become active members of his Team.  A back handed compliment if there was one coming from our PM has  raised the shackles of some representatives of these Australian groups and deservedly.

Abbott is about to change National Security laws such that a persons returning from a war zones will need to prove their  uninvolvement in any fighting in order not to be charged on counts of terrorism. The corner stone of British justice is about to be turned on it’s head. ‘Innocent until proven guilty will no longer be the corner stone of our legal system.

A number of Catholic priests have  been charged and goaled for sexual offences have all Catholics been asked to join Team Australia? After all the Team Australia wouldn’t have seen these offences as less important.Will priests in the future need to prove their innocence will their parishioners be assumed co-conspirators  from the gecko?

What about the Irish Catholics in Australia will they need to prove no association with the IRA on return from a home visit? Italian’s Catholic back from Italy will need to prove no Mafia association.

Tony Abbott manages to put both feet in his mouth more times than any other politician in recorded history but like George Bush remains just covered in shit, yes but deodorised by the Murdoch press.  The stupidity embarrasses us.

“Gee, I can’t understand why anyone would think that I’m being hostile to Catholics. I’m just trying to get everyone on Team Australia. I mean, make up your mind. To whom do you owe your allegiance, the Pope or Australia?”………Rossleigh

Christian fundamentalists  want to impose similar restraints on things like “homosexual behaviour”, abortion, alcohol,  nudity dancing and face-painting which are part of our rich tapestry of life and part of our democracy. Heaven help us if Cory Bernardi  and Kevin Andrews ever realise how much they and the other Catholics have in common with the Taliban &  ISIS who want to impose Sharia Law!

Thank you Rossleigh for this clarity:

Q: Why don’t Baptists have sex standing up?

A: Because it might lead to dancing!

Andrew Bolt is a great supporter of this new approach to law as he was once presumed innocent of racism but found guilty. Now under the new structure he has hope of appeal since the Bolt law is not going to be revised. He now has a window of opportunity to appeal because he is certain he has proof of innocence Tony Abbott his mate and a coalition cabinet.

Aussies presumed guilty crime will have to  prove their property is not. Beggars caught in our city malls across will have to prove any money in their pockets was not generously but illegally given.

This application of new principle has as yet not been extended to politicians will have to prove that donations didn’t affect their decisions. Nor – apart from Peter Slipper – that their travel allowance wasn’t an honest mistake or that their $270 a day living allowance wasn’t applied to their property purchases?

Guantanamo Australia is about to be a reality