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What could possibly go wrong? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Why on earth would a climate-change-denying PM who shows 100% support for the filthy, polluting coal-mining and environmentally destructive gas fracking industries attend the COP26 (climate change conference) in Glasgow? Wasn’t this the same fool who dragged a piece of coal into Parliament House and declared – in front of a gleeful Barnyard Joyce – that “there is nothing to be afraid of – it’s just coal! Nothing to see here!” It came as no surprise that the yellow-bellied coward, Sloth Morrison, slunk away and returned back to Australia right before the conference even started! Why? Because he knew that his climate-change-denying ideology will be held up for ridicule on the world stage at any international summit on the emergency to address important issues on a subject the LNP do not believe in! That is exactly the type of disgraceful, cowardly behaviour we have come to expect from a useless, non-achieving PM who expends more energy trying to get out of work and totally avoiding any of his responsibilities as one of the highest paid “leaders” in the free world!

Source: What could possibly go wrong? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Worst ever immigration minister: Asylum seekers jet in under Dutton’s nose

Leaked notes from Defence revealed it was forced to reduce counter-terrorism ocean patrols with the Philippines, cancel a martitime operation with Pacific neighbours and cancel an air surveillance exercise with Indonesia because it had to pick up the slack left by an underfunded Border Force, which had 20 per cent fewer sea-going personnel than it neede

But the real border control issue today is the record number of asylum seekers, mostly non-genuine, entering as tourists right under Dutton’s nose. He has serious questions to answer on this.

People arriving on visitor visas and changing their status onshore constituted an astonishing 24 per cent of net migration in 2017-18 – the mark of a visa system out of control.

But most unforgivable is Dutton’s vilification of certain migrant communities and his dog-whistling on citizenship laws. More recently, he has followed up with appalling comments on sick asylum seekers from Manus and Nauru taking places of Australians on hospital waiting lists. No previous immigration minister has ever stooped so low.

You will never see this in Newscorp (ODT)

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