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The case for Endgame C: stop almost everything, restart when coronavirus is gone

Unfortunately like Climate Change this requires Global Unity and Cooperation otherwise it too is doomed to fail. (ODT)

Endgame C: ‘stop then restart’

Endgame C is to “stop then restart”. This means minimising activity and interactions, and sealing the borders to passenger traffic including citizens (although not trade), until infections are driven down to zero.

Only essential services would be maintained (particularly the food supply chain and utilities such as electricity, water and the internet).

There is no point trying to finesse which strategies work best; instead the imperative would be to implement as many as possible at once, including closing schools, universities, colleges, public transport and non-essential retail, and confining people to their homes as much as possible.

Police should visibly enforce the lockdown, and all confirmed cases should be housed in government-controlled facilities. This might seem unimaginable, but it is exactly what has already happened in China, South Korea and Italy.

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Once infections are at zero, and stay there for a fortnight or so to ensure there are no asymptomatic cases, economic and social activity can restart sequentially, although international borders would have to remain closed to passenger traffic until there is a vaccine.

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